I am a communications executive who has developed a unique proficiency in global business communications.

Fluent in business-level Japanese, I have provided strategic communications services for Fortune 100 companies, advertising agencies, direct marketing publishers, major news Web sites, and multinational corporations in the U.S and Japan.

This site was constructed to provide a more detailed picture of my background above and beyond what can be conveyed by a traditional paper resume. From this site you will get a clear sense of my personal brand and the qualities and skills that make me a unique communicator who knows how to consistently maximize profits.

My honest gratitude for your devoted?inspiring help, but most importantly, for new friendship.

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My success has been in helping organizations discover, define and articulate their value to multiple audiences. I am skilled at leveraging online and offline mediums to establish dialogue with key media, analysts, investors and internal stakeholders. I am a strategic thinker and articulate storyteller who functions as a trusted communications counselor to employees, product and sales leaders and senior executives. I am able to interpret direction and passion from "Here's what I want," to "I'll know it when I see it."